BIS Annual Conference (Update):  What Export Controls News Did You Miss?

BIS Annual Conference (Update): What Export Controls News Did You Miss?


Many export controls changes are coming down the pipeline.  Did you miss the BIS Annual Conference in July? No worries!  Download key slides from BIS and read our tips on the most valuable presentations for universities and research-related organizations.  If your export compliance program needs a refresh, this is a good first step.

BIS Annual Conference 2019 Presentations

There are 20 presentations available for download.  With a lot of information in the slides, we’ll briefly highlight ones that are most relevant for universities and other research-based organizations. 

  1. 600 Series
  2. Air and Space — BIS
  3. Air and Space — NASA
  4. Air and Space — NOAA
  5. Census — ACE Export Reports
  6. Census — Global Market Finder
  7. CFIUS — BIS
  8. CFIUS — ITA
  10. Compliance — BIS
  11. Compliance — DDTC Compliance Program
  12. Compliance — OFAC
  13. DDTC Update
  14. Deemed Exports
  15. Encryption
  16. Freight Forwarders and Routed Transactions
  17. Proscribed Parties and Catch-All Controls
  18. Regulatory Update
  19. Sanctions
  20. Section 232

Deemed Exports

Check out the case study at the end to learn the best approach for export license applications. 

Regulatory Update

You’ll see specific Federal Register citations and can make sure your program is up to date.


These slides contain a concise summary for Cuba, Iran, and more. 

Air and Space – BIS

This presentation is focused on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).  Check this one out for a perspective on how range, payload, speed, and end use come into play now and in the future.

Compliance — BIS

Does your organization have a strong Export Compliance Manual?  If you are unsure, BIS can help. Check out this presentation for more detail.

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