On-Call Export Controls Services

As-Needed Export Controls Assistance

Does your company or university have export compliance risks, but you are understaffed, lacking the necessary regulatory expertise, and unsure of when these issues will arise?

Our consultants will help you reduce the risk of potential EAR, ITAR, and OFAC violations.  Tap into our expertise – when you need it – through a retainer for on-call services.  We firmly commit to the turn-around times that your organization requires, staying in close touch on your issue.   We provide the export compliance answers when you need them.  (See what our past clients have to say…)

Traliance offers 4 retainer options so you can choose the one best suited for your university or company’s current stage.

  • Light Retainer:  20 hours of export controls support over 6 months.
  • Basic Retainer:  40 hours of export controls support over 6 months.
  • Standard Retainer:  60 hours of export controls support over 6 months.
  • Premium Retainer:  Unlimited hours of export controls support 6 months.

University Export Controls Issues We Help Solve

Here are example scenarios we can help you navigate.  We’ll enable you to efficiently and accurately provide an answer to your Principal Investigators when they want to…

  • Work with an expert in their field who is located in Iran.
  • Initiate a subcontract with a small company that operates under federal funds.
  • Hire a Chinese researcher as a post-doc in a materials engineering department.
  • Ship a lab-scale biomedical device to a collaborator in India.
  • Establish an academic exchange program with a Chinese university.
  • Collaborate with a company in India to develop a vaccine.
  • Purchase ITAR-controlled equipment for their university lab.

Corporate Export Compliance Issues We Help Solve

Companies faces many kinds of export compliance issues, depending on the status of their international business.   With a retainer for on-call assistance, we will provide focused guidance, education, and resources to help your teams move forward.  Here are examples of questions we can help answer:

  • What is an AES filing?  When and how do we submit one?
  • We’ve been told certain products we distribute have an ECCN?  What does that mean?  Do we need a license to sell them?
  • We have a solid export compliance program in place for EAR-controlled goods.  But we are now venturing into ITAR-controlled products for the first time.  What do we need to know?  What are the compliance requirements?
  • The Commerce Control List is extensive.  Which ECCNs actually relate to our specific business?  What do we need to be aware of as we develop new products?
  • We know we need a Technology Control Plan (TCP) for our export-controlled products.  But how do we get started?  What does the TCP need to include?