Testimonials from Our Export Compliance Customers

Our Clients

Research universities and technology companies across multiple fields and industries have benefited from our customized export compliance services.

Leaders in the materials, chemicals, medical, aerospace, space, security software industry, and beyond have experienced peace of mind that their export compliance program is in the hands of experts.  Read about the benefits that our clients received after working with our export controls consultants.

University Export Compliance Clients

“After assessing our growing institutional export compliance needs and after speaking with peers with strong engineering programs, we retained the services of Traliance to support our export controls compliance program. Dr. Saak worked with us to come up with the right retainer package for a set number of hours per month that was appropriate for the scope and scale of our research operations. So far, we couldn’t be more pleased. Traliance has been helpful in anticipating and identifying export controls issues across a spectrum of research projects with technical and international components, and Traliance provides the technical expertise that simply was not readily available to us. Traliance is responsive, thoughtful, and flexible. Without hesitation I recommend Traliance to help support your export controls compliance program.”

Jeff Seo
Interim Vice-Provost for Research Administration
Asst. Vice-Provost for Research Compliance
Northeastern University

“This past year our University had a period of transition between Export Control Officers during which we determined we needed some additional expertise. We first spoke with fellow university export control programs to gather a list of potential export control program consultants. Once we interviewed Jennifer Saak, we felt her company, Traliance, was clearly the best fit. Jennifer Saak and her team were extremely helpful in bridging the gap and helping our employees that were newer to Export Compliance to navigate the complicated regulation. Jennifer is always available to offer sound advice or more hands-on assistance as needed. She is flexible and can provide services tailored to the needs of your organization. We highly recommend Traliance and look forward to continuing to work with Jennifer.”

William E. Dent
Director, Research Integrity and Compliance
University of South Florida

“We originally brought in Traliance to expand the export-control knowledge base of a wide range of our central, director-level administrative staff. Jennifer Saak first provided a half-day training and Q&A session, and then interviewed the participants at length to develop an assessment of the export-control issues facing our campus. Throughout this process, Jennifer demonstrated her command of the regulatory issues we faced as well as her ability to listen and communicate across a variety of operational areas. We have since engaged her to provide her export control regulatory expertise on a consulting basis. I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Saak and Traliance.”

Paul F. O’Keefe
Associate Vice Provost for Research Administration
Brandeis University

“As an academic institution with an education, research and clinical mission, it is important for Thomas Jefferson University to have an effective export controls program. Jefferson engaged Traliance LLC, a firm that could provide us with accurate and up-to-date information on the ever-changing export controls regulations, and offer us tools and processes to strengthen our program. The Traliance team has been extremely responsive and professional and brings a wealth of knowledge related to university export controls programs. Jefferson’s experience has been extremely positive and we value Traliance LLC‘s customized export compliance program services tailored specifically to our needs.”

Timothy R. Schailey, MS
Director, Research Administration

Brian Squilla, MBA
Sr. Vice President, Administration and Chief of Staff
Thomas Jefferson University

“Our university had a period of transition between Export Control Directors, which was bridged by staff less skilled in the export compliance trade.  Jennifer not only helped guide our team in continuing the program, she also helped our program grow with creative training methods, helpful analysis of complex issues, patient understanding, and guidance throughout.  By the end of the transition, our team was confident in the handoff to the new Director and, with her collaboration, provided for a seamless transition.”

Ross O. Larson CPA, CIA
Interim Director of Finance and Business Operations for Academic Affairs
Baylor University

“Dr. Jennifer Saak and Mr. Mark Peters from Traliance taught a full day training seminar on export control compliance for faculty, students and staff at Dartmouth. The program included a general plenary session and four breakout discussion groups on a variety of topics relevant to the Dartmouth community. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and feedback from participants was very positive. Dr. Saak and her team provided extremely useful guidance on how to strengthen our overall export control compliance program, and how to support faculty in their compliance efforts. I recommend Dr. Saak and Traliance without hesitation and look forward to continued cooperation.”

Henrike Frowein
Research Compliance Officer
Dartmouth College

“We retained the services of Dr. Jennifer Saak and Traliance to develop two videos dealing with export compliance. One was directed at faculty and researchers and the other was directed at staff. The final products were outstanding, in terms of the content and the visual aspects. We couldn’t have been more pleased. In addition, Traliance assisted us in improving the look and feel of our export compliance website. The presentation of material is outstanding and the ease of navigation is extremely friendly. Dr. Saak’s work is particularly noteworthy because of her vast knowledge of the export compliance arena plus her sense for clear and effective communication.”

Richard Seligman
Associate Vice President for Research Administration
California Institute of Technology

“Traliance was engaged to complete an assessment of the export compliance program at our university’s multiple campuses.  Dr. Jennifer Saak and Mr. Mark Peters demonstrated their considerable expertise in the export compliance regulations and requirements at research universities while being responsive and flexible. They identified recommendations for improvements that were clear and achievable, as well as providing assurance on processes that were strengths.  Traliance provided excellent service and delivered a product that will lead to positive change.”

Debra Keppler, MBA, CIA, CHC
Director of Research Compliance and Integrity
Louisiana State University

“I recommend Dr. Saak and Traliance without reservation. Dr. Saak brings deep expertise in the regulations and has a practical approach to the operational realities of working in a research university setting. She consistently delivers advice with a sense of urgency and respect for our time constraints. Dr. Saak’s expertly tailored training to faculty were met with great appreciation. I look forward to continued partnership with Dr. Saak and Traliance.”

University Vice President

“The team at Traliance provided outstanding services. You shared your deep knowledge in export control regulations, keeping in constant communication with us throughout the engagement. You adeptly transitioned between the highly technical scientific analysis and the regulatory information required to proceed. The result was a thorough and accurate product. I would highly recommend Traliance to others.”

University Research Compliance Manager

Non-Profit Export Compliance Clients

“Dr. Jennifer Saak and Jim Anzalone supported our team in building a strategy around our export compliance needs. They worked with us to create a comprehensive compliance plan and training for our staff and have been instrumental in assisting us with various steps of the export control process like registration, classifications, and license application review. We have been extremely pleased with the professionalism, communication, and responsiveness from the Traliance team and would highly recommend their services.”

Benita Kovalesky
Trade Compliance Leader
MethaneSAT, LLC

“Mark Peters, a Senior Consultant at Traliance, did a tremendous job in helping our growing company understand both our strengths and opportunities for improvement.  We are planning to work with Traliance further to develop strategies and tactics that we can implement realistically and comfortably.  Overall, we were extremely pleased with the professional and personal expertise Mark provided to our organization.  We highly recommend Traliance to any corporation or institution that is looking for a thorough program assessment and tips on how to craft a reliable path forward.”

Irina Izvekova
Chief Operating Officer
New Mexico Consortium

“As a non-University, Fundamental Research Institution, with a relatively small window of risk in the Export Control arena, we were at a loss as to where to begin or to know what we had to do.  We contracted with Traliance to do an assessment of possible risks and to help us develop policies and procedures that would work in concert with our research enterprise mission and practices. Jennifer Saak was of tremendous service.  We found her to be knowledgeable and completely responsive to our needs.  She is always ready to be a resource and answer questions that develop along the way.  I whole-heartedly recommend Traliance’s export control consulting services.”

Debra Schaller-Demers, MSOM
Senior Director, Research Outreach and Compliance

Corporate Export Compliance Clients

“Dr. Jennifer Saak and Mr. James Anzalone from Traliance helped us to properly categorize our products for export compliance. They were very helpful in identifying components that were restricted to certain countries. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and feedback from participants within the company was very positive. Dr. Saak and her team provided extremely useful guidance on how to strengthen our overall export control compliance program, and how to support our new product development teams in their compliance categorization efforts. I recommend Dr. Saak and Traliance without hesitation and look forward to continued cooperation.”

Michael P. Richardson
Vice President of Operations
American Superconductor

“SparkCharge is a start-up company located in Somerville, MA. We approached Traliance during our pre-manufacturing assessment of whether targeting overseas customers made sense for us. To do this, we needed someone to help us navigate the tangle of regulations and rules involving international trade. Traliance took the time to understand our product, the industry situation, and our goals. We make a new product for an as-yet-nonexistent trade category. We trusted Traliance to determine the correct, defensible ECCN and licensing information. SparkCharge is now well-prepared to pursue export sales using the sound foundation Traliance constructed for us. Working with Traliance is easy. They were tolerant of our uninformed status regarding exports, and made getting up to speed easy. I would not hesitate to recommend Traliance for any young company that wants to begin the export qualification journey.”

Michael Cummings
Chief Operating Officer

“Exyn engaged with Traliance to review our technology and current product, to determine the correct export classification. Their consultant had experience in our specific product space and recommended a path forward for future implementations. We found them to be engaged, responsive, prompt and communicative. We look forward to continued engagements with Traliance as we expand our technology and product offerings and tailor our export infrastructure.”

Gary Greene
Vice President of Products
Exyn Technologies

“Dr. Jennifer Saak’s in-depth knowledge and experience with advanced materials was key to receiving appropriate guidance on our export classification inquiry.  She was very efficient with timely responses and detail-oriented.  Jennifer’s expert advice has resulted in high confidence for us to deal with products deemed for export to several countries.  We expect significant business growth on the product analyzed for export in the coming years.  I would absolutely recommend her export classification services to other business owners.”

President & CEO
Advanced Materials Company

“Dr. Jennifer Saak and the team at Traliance have been a tremendous asset to the team at Markforged by ensuring that our products are properly classified in the current global trade environment. Markforged is reinventing manufacturing through advances in additive manufacturing printers, materials and software. The Traliance team’s strengths in technical expertise and compliance has made them the ideal partner for Markforged and I would recommend to any others in the advanced technology space.”

Matt Gannon
Vice President, Operations

“NAC took a serious look at formalizing our export processes and educating our employees on the current regulations due to strong growth in our international business and an increase in government controls over the products we sell. Luckily for us, we discovered Jennifer Saak and her Traliance team. Jennifer’s partner, Jim Anzalone, has experience in our industry and was able to quickly guide us through the steps to establish a process to properly identify export control numbers for our diverse line of products, and more importantly, collect the proper documentation from both our domestic and international customers reducing our liability. Traliance helped us turn a daunting task into a manageable one.”

Joe Sanders
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
NAC Group, Inc.