Licensing and License Exceptions

Export Licensing Services

Once you know the commodity jurisdiction and export classification, the next big question is:  what government authorization is required before an export or deemed export takes place and how do you secure the right authorization?   We’ll determine if a BIS, DDTC, and/or OFAC export license is required – or figure out if a license exception can be used.

Submitting an Export License Application

Do you have only the occasional need for an export license from BIS, DDTC, or OFAC?  Are you re-learning how to use SNAP-R and DTrade each time?  Let us end your frustration.  We can submit a license on behalf of your university and field all the typical questions from the government officials.  We have successfully secured approved licenses for many organizations and understand the type of information that Licensing Officers are seeking in a license application.

We’ll help you avoid the dreaded “RWA” that leaves you puzzled, so your company or university faculty can confidently move forward with their research endeavors, global travel, or international shipping — with the necessary license in-hand.